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Threat against U.S. Financial Industry

February 21, 2013

According to McAfee and Federal agencies there is a serious threat to members and customers of Financial Institutions with regard to sophisticated fraud schemes with the intent to steal and defraud. Credit Union members are being targeted with the intent to harvest (stealing) e-banking credentials (IDs and Passwords) of members.

Please note AmeriCU will never ask you to provide or verify your account number and pin, and will never ask you to provide your online banking login information. Should call center staff contact you we will verify your identity by requesting confirmation of specific account details. AmeriCU representative will never ask you to provide sensitive information such as an account number, PIN data or passwords. All that will be required is to answer yes or no to a series of questions designed to validate your identity.

We recommend all members continue to be proactive for there online protection and advocate the following:

  • Change the password used for online banking (i.e. e-banking, Member Connect Web). Do this for any online accounts you may have at any financial institution.
  • Passwords should be strong and memorable, greater than 8 characters, to exclude words, pet or children names.
  • If you think someone may have knowledge of an e-banking password then simply change that password at your earliest opportunity.
  • Check and review your account balances frequently for discrepancies, from a trusted computer only.
  • Configure Alerts to be sent to you reporting activity associated with your account such as debits and withdrawals or low balance.
  • Note, never check your account balance or process transactions from an untrusted or public computer.

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