EMV Chip Cards

AmeriCU is excited to be able to offer EMV (or chip card) technology on our MasterCard® and VISA® Credit Card products! This technology gives you the latest in enhanced security features and makes it easier than ever to use your AmeriCU Credit Card while traveling internationally! 

What’s different? EMV cards are enhanced with EMV (Europay, MasterCard®, VISA®) chip technology. This chip will provide you with greater protection against fraud when you use it at chip-enabled terminals and is more convenient to use when making purchases internationally. Many merchants outside the U.S. have already adopted chip technology, and it has become the global standard. U.S. merchants have begun to switch to chip-enabled terminals and we expect to see more adopt this technology over time.

Using your card at chip-enabled registers is simple!

If making a purchase at a chip-enabled merchant:

Most international merchants and an increasing number of stores in the U.S. have chip-enabled registers.

  1. Insert your card in the terminal. Be sure to leave your card in the terminal and wait until prompted to remove it.
  2. Follow the prompts on the terminal.
  3. Different merchants handle chip card transactions differently. The terminal will prompt you to either enter your PIN or sign for the purchase.
  4. Sign for your purchase.
  5. Remove your card.

If making a purchase at a merchant without a chip-enabled terminal:

  1. Since your card still has a magnetic strip, swipe your card as usual. Follow the prompts on the terminal.
  2. Sign for your purchase.

If making a purchase online or over the phone:

  1. Complete your transaction as usual using your account information.

If using your credit card at an ATM or at a merchant that requires a PIN:
To use your EMV chip card at some merchants or to get cash at an ATM, you may need to enter your credit card PIN (personal identification number). It is important that you memorize and protect your PIN! If you do not remember your PIN, please call AmeriCU’s PIN Now service at 888.886.0083. You will be asked to verify your identity with certain account information, and then you can follow instructions to change your PIN. Please be sure to use your card in the U.S. prior to using it internationally.


When will I get my EMV chip card? If you have an AmeriCU VISA® or MasterCard® credit card, you will receive your new chip card a few weeks before your current card’s expiration date (at natural re-issue). If you would like a chip card sooner than your natural re-issue date, please contact AmeriCU’s Member Service Center at 1.800.388.2000 or visit your local Financial Center.

What does the EMV chip do? EMV chip cards add an additional layer of protection to your purchases and protect you against fraud by making it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited. The EMV chip stores payment information required to authenticate, authorize, and process your transaction and provides you extra security by encrypting your data when you use it at chip-enabled registers. The EMV chip does not track or store your purchase history or provide location assistance if lost or stolen. It only creates an additional layer of fraud protection.

Can I use my EMV chip card with Apple Pay? Yes, if you have a VISA® card (Apple Pay is not available with your AmeriCU MasterCard® at this time). You may have difficulty taking a photo of your card, but you can upload your card information to Apple Wallet™ and use it at participating Apple Pay™ retailers. For more information, visit our website at www. americu.org/EMV.

Can I use my EMV chip card at merchants that don’t have a chip-enabled terminal? Yes. In addition to the EMV chip, your card still has a magnetic strip, which enables you to continue using your card at merchants that do not yet have a chip-enabled terminal.

What is the difference between chip cards, EMV cards and smart chip cards? There is no difference, these are just different terms for the same technology.

Is there a difference between Chip and PIN and Chip and Signature cards? The only difference between Chip and PIN and Chip and Signature cards is that a Chip and PIN card requires you to enter a PIN at checkout while the Chip and Signature card only requires your signature. AmeriCU will be issuing Chip and Signature cards, so there is no additional PIN to memorize.

Do I have to pay for the chip card? No. There’s no additional cost for the chip card.


For more information about your EMV MasterCard® or VISA® Credit Card, please call our Member Service Center at 1.800.388.2000 or visit your local Financial Center.