First-time Home Buyers

Buying your first home?

Buying your first home can be exciting – and intimidating! This page is a resource for first-time home buyers and should help make the process a little less scary! Happy house hunting!  Apply today>>


Educational Video Series – Ryan Buys a House!

Ryan’s been an AmeriCU member since he was 12 years old. After living in apartments for several years, now he’s ready to buy his first home! Ryan let us follow him throughout his adventures in first-time home buying. Check out AmeriCU’s video series to walk you through the steps of the home-buying process.

Mortgage Prequalification

:60 Commercial          Educational Video

Shopping for the Right House

:60 Commercial          Educational Video

Making a Purchase Offer and the Mortgage Application Process

:60 Commercial          Educational Video

Closing on a Home and Moving In

:60 Commercial          Educational Video