Locations + ATMs

      Shared Service Centers*

      AmeriCU is among the 4,500+ credit unions that form a national network of Credit Union Service Centers. It’s a cooperative effort called “shared branching” that enables our members to make deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries, transfer money between accounts, cash checks, buy money orders and even apply for a loan at any participating credit union location.

      *Please note: ATMs at Shared Service Centers are not free for AmeriCU members and any applicable surcharges or fees will apply.  To find one of the hundreds of surcharge free ATMs in the AmeriCU network, please use the AmeriCU location finder above.

      Please be aware that some merchants may charge an additional fee/surcharge to AmeriCU members when receiving cash back on a debit card transaction. These additional fees are at the discretion of the merchant and are not charged by AmeriCU.