AmeriCU's Construction Mortgage Servicing -

AmeriCU’s Construction Mortgage Servicing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

AmeriCU is making updates to our mortgage servicing solutions during the month of April.


How will this impact me?

During this transition, existing Members will be unable to view their Construction Loan directly in Online Banking. Rather, Members will need to select ‘Additional Services’ at the top of the website, then ‘Construction Mortgages’, where you will be prompted to log in to view and manage your construction loan.


How long will this be in effect?

The conversion is scheduled to start April 1 with an anticipated completion date of May 1.


What will happen on May 1?

Starting May 1 Members will be able to view and manage their construction loan directly within AmeriCU’s online and mobile banking without launching out to a new site or entering different credentials.


Need help?

If you have forgotten your eStatus Connect credentials, simply follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your identity and reset your password.  As always, our knowledgeable, friendly representatives are here to assist.