AmeriCU helps you improve your financial wellness.

“Soon, I’m hoping to spend a lot more time on the golf course and with my grandkids, and a lot less time in the office. I want to be able to enjoy this time in my life, and not have worry about my money and my future. AmeriCU’s friendly staff give me all the tools I need for financial wellness, so I can focus on what matters most.”

Friendly Staff AmeriCU’s local Financial Center Staff are here to help you with whatever you need. We’re here for you. Find a location near you and come visit us today!

Checking & Savings Accounts Whatever your goals, AmeriCU has an account for you! Our checking and savings accounts are federally insured by NCUA. Your membership with AmeriCU begins with a Share Savings Account! With a minimum open deposit of just $5, you’ll be rewarded with dividends, compounded and paid monthly, when you maintain an average daily balance of $50 or more.

Financial Wellness A strong financial foundation is important and AmeriCU can help you get the right tools you need to achieve your goals.

Budgeting Tools Money Management is an easy to use tool that will help you simplify your financial life by enabling you to get a complete picture of your accounts from AmeriCU as well as over 16,000 other financial institutions. With Money Management you can see all accounts, track and analyze spending, view graphics, budget, set goals, and set up email alerts, among other features. Log in to online banking today and see for yourself!

Online & Mobile Banking AmeriCU’s online + mobile banking platform is intuitive and simple, so you can start using it with ease. To see a demo of our online banking system and its features, click here. Access your checking, savings, and loan transaction histories, make loan payments or transfers, check pending debit card transactions, pay bills, track your spending, set savings goals, send money, order new checks or a copy of a check, check your credit card balances, apply for a loan and more!

eAlerts With AmeriCU’s eAlerts, you can receive automatic notifications via a text message or email to alert you of all kinds of account information! Set alerts about your transactions, balances, and any other activity on your account. You choose which eAlerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them.

AmeriCU gives you what you need so you can focus on what matters most. Visit your local AmeriCU Financial Center or call our Member Service Center at 1.800.388.2000 to get started today!