Fraud Alerts + Travel Notifications

Fighting Fraud with a New, Automated System

At AmeriCU, our first priority is to protect you and your finances from potential compromises. In light of recent breaches at retailers like Target and Home Depot, we’re taking proactive steps to strengthen our fraud prevention measures.

Our new, automated system will reach you faster by text or phone with information you need to identify potential fraudulent activity immediately, and stop it in its tracks. We’ll even have live agents on stand-by, ready to help you at any time. The new system allows you to receive an automated call that easily walks you through reviewing suspicious activity on your card. In addition, you can sign-up to receive text messages on your mobile phone. Just log in to online banking, choose “Additional Services”, click on “Debit/Credit Card Fraud Alerts” and follow the instructions on screen!

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Traveling? Let AmeriCU Know!

AmeriCU proactively safeguards your account from potential fraud by blocking certain transactions flagged by our fraud detection system, and/or placing a temporary freeze on your card, protecting your funds. While these safeguards may occasionally inconvenience you, our ultimate goal is to protect you from fraud and ensure that your accounts are safe and your transactions valid. If you plan to use your AmeriCU debit or credit card while traveling, you can now let us know you’ll be traveling – quickly and easily through online banking! Just log on to online banking, click on “Additional Services”, choose “Travel Notifications” and fill out the form on the screen. It’s that easy!