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AmeriCU’s Mortgage Servicing

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some things current mortgage Members need to do and be aware of in order to ensure a smooth transition and take advantage of the new servicing options. Please note this does not apply to construction loan holders. If you have a construction mortgage, please click here for important information regarding your loan.


What will change?

New Account Numbers

With the new system current members will be assigned a new loan number for your mortgage.  You should have received a letter in the mail in mid-March with your new loan number, but you may also find it by logging into online or mobile banking.


New Phone Number

For any servicing questions related to your mortgage, Members may now call the dedicated toll-free line at 877.330.4060 or select the appropriate option from AmeriCU’s main phone menu to reach the Mortgage Servicing Department. The servicing team can answer detailed questions related to your loan including transaction history, billing, escrow, reporting, collections, payoffs, IRS reporting, statements, and more.


Updated Mailing Address

Correspondence and mail-in payments will now go to the following address:

AmeriCU Credit Union
Attn: Mortgage Servicing Department
P.O. Box 371306
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7306

*For Members residing in Southern, Central or Western states, the mailing address may differ. Click here for a complete list.


New Statements

Through the transition, all account preferences will default back to paper statements effective April 1, 2022. Current mortgage holders will need to re-enroll in e-statements online or through the mobile app by clicking on their mortgage and going to additional services. Please note statements will have a new look and will come from a new address. You will now also receive a statement each time you make a payment, versus once per month for more accurate record-keeping and account management.


New Online Experience

Post conversion, Members will still be able to see their mortgage loan and balance within online and mobile banking. They will also be able to make transfers to their loan from an AmeriCU share account. But when clicking on their account for additional details, Members will be automatically redirected to a new platform with enhanced information and options including detailed transaction activity, tax and insurance information, online payments, notification preferences and more!

Please note current mortgages will be unavailable for access online and through the mobile app during the conversion window of April 1 through April 11. Members may be asked to accept new terms and conditions the first time they use the new platform.


New Payment Preferences

In-Person: Members may still make payments in-person at any AmeriCU Financial Center.

Online: Members may still transfer funds from an AmeriCU share account through online banking or the mobile app or can make a one-time payment by clicking on their mortgage and setting it up through the new platform.

Phone: Members may continue to make transfers from their internal account through AmeriCU’s contact center and automated phone system. For additional phone payment options from external accounts, please use the dedicated servicing line 877.330.4060.

Mail: Mail in payments must be sent to the updated mailing address AmeriCU Credit Union, Attn: Mortgage Servicing Department, P.O Box 371306, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7306.  Checks will still be made payable to AmeriCU Credit Union. AmeriCU will automatically notify the Member’s insurance company and taxing authority with the updated contact information for billing.

Automatic Payments: Current loan holders who are set up for automatic payment received a notice that must be signed and returned prior to March 31, 2022 to maintain their preferences. If the form is not received by this date, Members must use one of the alternate payments options listed above until they re-enroll for this option through the new system. Members may enroll online or by completing and returning a form to AmeriCU after the conversion date.

If you use an outside bill payment system, you will need to update the loan number and address using the new information outlined above, to ensure proper processing of your payment.

Please note if a payment is made during the transition window of April 1 through April 11 you may not see it applied to the loan until April 12. However, the payment will be effective the date it was made and there will be no negative impact to the Member.


What will not change?

AmeriCU is Here for You

AmeriCU remains your mortgage provider and there are no changes to the terms or conditions of your loan. We are simply providing enhanced options and extended service to better serve you.

As always, our friendly, knowledgeable representatives are here to help. Simply call us at 800.388.2000 or stop by any of our 19 conveniently located Financial Centers for assistance.