Security & Privacy

AmeriCU is committed to keeping our members informed about current security issues, and to facilitating a safe online experience. In general, it is good to familiarize yourself with the general types of scams typically seen in the financial industry. Also, be sure to check our Security Alerts frequently, so that you stay up-to-date on specific scams that may be affecting our members. Read AmeriCU’s Privacy Policy to verify how AmeriCU does and does not use member information.  Please note: AmeriCU Credit Union will never contact members by email or phone asking you to verify account details. We will never share members’ information (such as email addresses) with any entity that would sell that information. We will never solicit account information via a survey or offer any reward or incentive tied to providing member information.


Current Alerts

AmeriCU Credit Union maintains a list of scams currently or recently affecting our members. If you suspect that you have fallen victim to one of these or any other scams related to your AmeriCU accounts, please call us immediately at 1.800.388.2000. Also, stay abreast of national and international security news with LifeLock, Inc., the leader in identity theft protection. LifeLock maintains a helpful blog as well as alerts and information on identity theft and data breaches. Click here to see list of past scams or security alerts.


Phone Scam

SCAM ALERT! Many people have received a call from 1.866.848.3385 claiming to be from M&T Bank. The caller tells the person that their debit card has been compromised and asks the person to input their card number so it can be reactivated.  This is a fraudlent call! Please remember that AmeriCU (and your other financial institutions) already know your account numbers and would never ask for that information.


U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Security Breach

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently announced a cybersecurity incident affecting its systems. Due to this breach, millions of current and former federal employees may have had their personal information compromised. Please be assured that AmeriCU’s systems were NOT compromised. We have the highest level of security possible and take every precaution to safeguard and protect your accounts and personal information.

OPM has stated that they will be contacting all employee’s whose personal information was compromised. At this time, we recommend that all current and former federal employees monitor their account activity frequently for suspicious transactions. If you have not done so already, please take advantage of our online + mobile banking services which will allow you to check your account activity frequently and set up text and/or email alerts to receive notification of activity on your account(s). If you notice any suspicious transactions, please contact AmeriCU Credit Union immediately at 1.800.388.2000.

Please note: AmeriCU will NEVER contact you by phone or email and ask you to verify your account details such as debit or credit card numbers, social security number, and/or passwords. If you receive such an email/text message/phone call, please contact us immediately and DO NOT provide any information to the sender.

AmeriCU Credit Union is committed to offering safe and secure financial services. It’s important that you keep your contact information updated at all times so we can reach you if needed. Please remember to let us know if your address, email or phone number changes. You may update your email address online, use our BIG BLUE Kiosks to update your address or contact us by phone at 1.800.388.2000 to update all of your contact information.

Could AmeriCU have prevented this incident?

AmeriCU has no control over how employers store our members’ information. Every employer has an obligation make every attempt to protect their employees’ information by ensuring their systems are secure. We recommend that you monitor your account activity online frequently. If you notice any suspicious transactions, please contact the Credit Union immediately.

Should you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 1.800.388.2000.


Alert: Members have received letters from the Nationwide Biweekly Administration, Inc. regarding mortgage loan payments. Please be aware that these letters are NOT from AmeriCU Credit Union and this company is NOT affiliated with AmeriCU Credit Union in any way. If you have any questions about your loan or any communications you have received, please contact our Member Service Center at 1.800.388.2000.


Phone Scam

SCAM ALERT! We are hearing from people who received a call from an “unavailable” number claiming to be from AmeriCU. The caller tells the person that their debit card has been deactivated and asks the person to input their card number so it can be reactivated.  THIS IS NOT AMERICU. We already know your account numbers and would never ask for that information.