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AmeriCU is here to provide you with the right financial services to live life, dream big, and achieve financial success. What’s your 2020 vision? What kind of financial success do you want to see in 2020?

Set your goal. Start saving more with AmeriCU. See yourself succeed!

Talk to us today about how you can reach your savings goals this year.


See yourself succeed with AmeriCU! We can help you make your vision a reality when you follow these simple steps:

1. Set a specific goal.

Decide what you want in 2020 – and make your vision clear! Want to finally start a savings account and get $500 by the end of the year? Hoping to save $10,000 for a down payment on a house? Dreaming of $4,000 to take the family on an amazing vacation? Whether your goal is big or small, it’s important to start saving today!

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2. Make a plan.

How much do you want to save this year to reach your goal? Take that amount and divide it into easy weekly goals. Set up automatic transfers into your savings account so that your savings grows – without having to think about it!

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3. Let AmeriCU help you find the right savings options for you. All with great rates!

Make savings automatic with AmeriCU’s Dedicated Saver Share Certificate – When you decide to keep your money in your account for 3-12 months, you’ll earn a higher annual percentage yield* than a traditional savings account. Plus, since there’s an interest penalty for early withdrawal, you’ll have to think harder about dipping into your savings when it’s not an emergency! With the Dedicated Saver, you’ll set up automatic direct deposits or automatic transfers into the share every month. Setting up automatic savings every month makes it easier to reach your goals! Open an account today!

Get great rates and liquidity with an AmeriCU Money Market – Our Money Market Savings is a great choice when you’d like more access to your money than a share certificate, but are still looking for an incentive to keep your money in your account! This account pays tiered rates (as balances increase, rates do too), and provides daily access to your funds with unlimited additional deposits. Six transfers/withdrawals are allowed per month. Transfers/withdrawals in excess of the limit will be charged a fee. Open an account today!

Save how you’d like with our Share Savings – When you meet the minimum balance requirements of the share, you’ll be rewarded with dividends compounded and paid monthly. Opt for direct deposit and automatic transfers make achieving your financial goals easy! And you can set up multiple shares – one for every goal – to make it easier to see your progress. Open an account today!

Visit your local AmeriCU Financial Center, call our Member Service Center at 800.388.2000, or open an account online today!

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