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DreamBIG Student Banking

Dream BIG and Achieve Financial Success!

It’s important to start building a solid financial foundation at an early age. That’s why we partner with local schools to offer DreamBIG Student Banking, AmeriCU’s Student Banking Program. Get your students started on the road to financial success today!

When your school participates in DreamBIG Student Banking, your students can:

  • Open an AmeriCU Youth Savings Account
    Designed for our youngest members to encourage them to start good savings habits early. Open with as little as a penny!
  • Earn. Save. Grow. Repeat!
    Whether it’s an allowance, money from babysitting, or just spare change, help your students start saving. They’ll learn important money management skills and be surprised how fast a little bit of savings can add up.
  • Participate in Virtual Financial Wellness Classes
    AmeriCU now offers Financial Wellness classes virtually, on a variety of topics! Students can take part in our seminars or use our interactive, informative, and engaging curriculum to learn about savings, money basics, budgeting, and more!
Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts

An AmeriCU Share Savings account is a great place to let your money grow and is your first step toward your savings goals! Learn more about savings accounts

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Teachers and administrators can take advantage of our free, interactive Financial Wellness curriculum or invite AmeriCU employees to give in-person or virtual presentations. Learn more about Financial Wellness.



AmeriCU members who are either graduating high school seniors or continuing college students are eligible to apply for both the AmeriCU Credit Union Scholarship and the NYCUA Scholarship. Learn more about scholarships.

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