Member Privilege

As long as your account is in good standing1 AmeriCU may approve your overdraft items within your current available Member Privilege limit. For this service, you will be charged the non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee of $28 for each overdrawn item created by check, ACH, other electronic means and recurring debit cards transactions.  Also, at your request*, ATM withdrawals and one-time debit card transactions, paid under the limit. All negative balances must be brought positive within 30 days or your Member Privilege limit will be suspended.

Your Member Privilege limit is a non-contractual courtesy granted after your account has been open for 30 days.

Overdraft Protection Details

Tips to limit usage

Because using Member Privilege can become costly at $28 per use, we encourage you not to rely on this service too regularly. The best way to avoid these charges is to be sure you always have enough in your account to cover your transactions. If you are having trouble making ends meet, AmeriCU offers other, less expensive methods to help you make sure your checks or withdrawals are honored, including:

  • Online & Mobile Banking: Check your account balances, even on the go, to be sure you have enough in your account. Also, our Money Management budgeting tool helps you plan for upcoming expenses.
  • eAlerts: Get notified by email or text message when your account balance is below any dollar amount you specify.
  • Standard Overdraft: Linking your checking account to an alternate savings or checking account, personal line of credit, Home Equity Line of Credit, for overdraft protection. View all personal products.
  • If both Standard Overdraft and Member Privilege are established on your account, AmeriCU will use the Standard Overdraft before initiating the Member Privilege Program.
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*Please note: Member Privilege coverage on ATM and one-time debit card transactions requires members to opt into this portion of the program. Coverage for ACH, checks and recurring debit card transactions are automatically added to eligible accounts.

1Please refer to our Member Privilege Policy for definitions of good standing.

View Member Privilege Disclosures

Member Privilege is a non-contractual courtesy which is available to individually/jointly owned accounts in good standing for personal or household use. AmeriCU Credit Union reserves the right to limit participation to one account per household and to discontinue this service without prior notice. AmeriCU Credit Union reserves the right not to pay if your account is not kept in good standing.  When you request your balance, the Member Privilege limit will NOT be included in the balance we provide to you.