Credit Card Fraud

AmeriCU is committed to helping you fight debit and credit card fraud. Our advanced fraud alerts service allows you to quickly receive emails, SMS texts and Interactive Phone Calls when fraud is suspected – giving you the opportunity to confirm the legitimacy of transactions. You only need to respond “Yes” or “No”, and we’ll handle the rest!

If you confirm fraudulent activity on your credit card, we’ll cancel it immediately on your behalf and automatically send you a new one. And for your debit card? We’ll cancel it as well, and you can stop in to any AmeriCU location to have a new debit card printed while you wait!

Fraud Alerts

You will be automatically enrolled into the advanced fraud alert service, which will help us notify you sooner to review potential fraudulent transactions on your debit or credit card.

If you haven’t in a while, please take a moment to review or update your contact information to ensure we have your current phone numbers and email address on file.

If you receive a card fraud alert by phone, text or email about a suspicious transaction, we ask that you respond immediately to let us know whether the transaction is legitimate. Your quick response to these communications could help us stop further unauthorized transactions if someone else has accessed your card information.

NOTE: AmeriCU will never ask you for your account information, any personally identifiable information, or your PIN in fraud alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions


Fraud alerts are sent to cardholders when potentially fraudulent transactions are detected on their accounts. We want to ensure that any questionable transactions were authorized by the cardholder.

We will not transmit sensitive personal information through alerts.

Any phone numbers that we have for you on record may be sent fraud alerts.

If you are travelling within the U.S., you will receive phone calls, text messages and emails. If you are travelling internationally, you will receive emails. You will only receive text messages if your mobile phone plan allows you to receive them while traveling outside of the United States.

You can update your contact information by using the Profile Updater feature in Online and Mobile Banking. Alternatively, you can click ‘Let’s Connect’ in the bottom right-hand corner to meet with an AmeriCU representative in the moment, or you can stop in to any AmeriCU Financial Center.

If you accidentally opted out of text alerts from a mobile phone, when the digital system calls to verify activity, the system will provide the opportunity to opt back into text alerts for the mobile phone.  For all fraud alert types, please call the number on the back of your card to re-enable fraud alerts to an email address, a mobile phone or landline phone number. You can also visit a branch for assistance.

Fraud Alerts are transmitted to the phone number(s) and/or email address associated with the card used at the time of the transaction. If a joint cardholder is receiving alerts, it is because that cardholder’s phone number and/or email address is associated with the card transacting. If the fraud alerts should have gone to another cardholder on your account, we ask that you update the contact information for that cardholder.

Upon confirming that a transaction is valid, you may retry the transaction immediately.

When you mark a transaction as fraudulent, the response message you receive will include our fraud detection department’s toll-free number and it asks that you call to review the card activity, or you will receive a call from a fraud detection agent to review. The agent will be able to review the activity with you and clear the card for use.

Your card may be blocked for use and future transactions would be declined until the fraud alert is cleared.

You can click ‘Let’s Connect’ in the bottom right-hand corner to meet with an AmeriCU representative in the moment, or you may call our Member Contact Center at 800.388.2000.

You will automatically be enrolled to receive all fraud alerts via the contact methods on your account, ie., email address, cell phone, home phone, work phone, etc.

Your account may be blocked due to the potentially fraudulent activity.  You may call or visit your financial institution’s branch to review your account activity.  It is recommended to have at least one way to be contacted via the fraud alerts system to allow us to reach you quickly to review suspect activity and keep your card available for use.

Please report the unauthorized transaction immediately by calling the phone number provided in the alerts or the number on the back of your card. The agent will then take care of marking the transaction as fraud and close the card.

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