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Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) Frequently Asked Questions

Interactive ATMs (or ITMs) FAQs

  1. How do I access the ITM?

Accessing an ITM is easy using one of the following ways:

  • Card Access: Swipe your AmeriCU Visa® Debit Card to access your accounts.
  • Touch the screen to talk to a Teller and be assisted with your transaction.


  1. Are business accounts accessible at the ITM?

Yes! Business members can access their accounts using the Teller Assisted or Self-Service options.


  1. Is the ITM available 24/7?

While the ITM is available 24/7 in any AmeriCU vestibule or drive thru, a live AmeriCU representative will only be available during business hours.


  1. What types of transactions can the ITM perform?

Using an ITM, you can:

  • Deposit Money
  • Take Out Cash
  • Deposit Checks
  • Check Account Balances
  • Transfer Between Accounts
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Perform Cash Advances
  • Receive 24/7 Service


  1. Can the ITM accept cash deposits in bulk?

Yes! The ITM can accept cash deposits in bulk instead of one bill at a time. (Up to 30 bills)


  1. Can the ITM accept check deposits in bulk?

Yes! The ITM can accept check deposits in bulk instead of one check at a time. (Up to 10 checks)


  1. Do I have to enter the check amount for check deposits?

No, the ITM can read the check amount and will confirm the value with you.


  1. Can I cash a check at the ITM?

Yes- AmeriCU members can cash a check. It is recommended that when using self-service, you choose the “Deposit with Cashback” option through your Savings share.


  1. Can I print an official check at an ITM?

ITMs cannot print official checks. Official checks can still be printed at the Teller Line of any AmeriCU Financial Center.


  1. Will there still be official check fees at the Teller Line?

Yes, printing official checks at the Teller Line will still be subject to fees. We allow up to 2 free official checks printed per month per member account. After that, a $5.00 fee will be assessed per official check.


  1. What denominations can the ITM disburse for withdrawals?

The ITM can disburse $1, $5, $20, and $50 bills.


  1. What denominations can the ITM accept for deposit?

The ITM can accept $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills.


  1. Are there limitations to cash deposits?

There are no limitations to the dollar amount of cash that can be deposited at an ITM, only the number of bills the machine can accept at one time.


  1. Can the ITM accept or disburse coin?

The ITM cannot accept or disburse coin at this time.


  1. Can I get a receipt for my transaction?

Yes, the ITM will prompt you to select “Yes” or “No” prior to completing the transaction, unless a receipt preference has been set. Alternatively, you may ask an AmeriCU representative for one once you’ve completed your transaction.


  1. Can I see all my shares/accounts at the ITM?

Yes, you can see all your shares and accounts at the ITM, however, you may not be able to transact on all share types.


  1. Will the ITM be “Out of Service” if it is out of specific denominations?

No, the ITM will remain in service. If the ITM is out of a specific denomination, it will substitute different denominations. If it cannot fulfill the requested withdrawal amount, it will prompt you to select another dollar amount.


  1. What transactions can I perform if the ITM says it is in Stand By mode?

When the ITM is in Stand By mode:

  • Deposits, payments, withdrawals and transfers connected to the card inserted in the machine will still be available. A 360 view of all accounts will not be available.


  1. If I am depositing a check but cancel the transaction, will the ITM return the check to me?

Yes, the ITM will return the check if the transaction has not been completed.


  1. If I walk away from the ITM without “Logging Off”, will the ITM time-out?

Yes, the ITM will time-out if a Member walks away without “Logging Off” their transaction. The machine will make a beeping sound to alert you that your card has been left in the machine. A message will also display that asks, “Do you want to continue?” If this is chosen, it will require your PIN to be entered again to ensure that only you, the account owner, can transact.


  1. Can a non-member perform a transaction at an ITM?

Yes! The ITM will function as an ATM for nonmembers. Fees may apply. Currently, nonmembers can check their balances and transfer or withdrawal funds from their accounts at other financial institutions. For cashing AmeriCU checks, non-members will be required to go to a live Teller.


  1. Is the ITM posting transactions in “real time”?

Share deposits and withdrawals are completed in real time.


  1. Are loan payments posted in “real time”?

All payments are posted in “real time”, with the exception of credit cards and mortgages, which can take up to 2 additional business days to reflect the payment in the balance. For these, the effective date will be the date the payment was transacted on.