Credit Cards

You have many choices when selecting a credit card. With all those companies and all that fine print, it can be difficult to compare. So, we’ve simplified things for you: AmeriCU’s credit cards have a low APR* and no nonsense like ridiculous late fees, or hidden charges. So when you select one of AmeriCU’s cards, you can relax knowing that you’ve made a smart credit choice! Apply today!


As an AmeriCU cardholder, you can now receive near real-time updates on your card activity so you can act quickly to help reduce fraud and monitor your account, wherever you are. Better yet – its free for AmeriCU cardholders. Visa cardholders sign up at For Mastercard holders click here to sign up for eALERTS.

AmeriCU’s best card – VISA® Signature Rewards!

  • No annual fee
  • High credit lines from $5,000 up to $50,000
  • 8.98% – 15.48% Variable APR depending on creditworthiness
  • Get 20,000 bonus points when $3,000 in purchases are made in the first 90 days after account opening.
  • CURewards Program Use your card to purchase goods and services and you’ll earn 1.5 point for every net dollar. Use your points for travel awards, cash, or name brand merchandise!
  • VISA® Concierge Services – Receive personalized information and referrals on a wide range of topics related to travel, dining, and entertainment – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Automatic auto rental insurance
  • VISA Signature Perks including movie ticket discounts, access to exceptional offers for sporting events and game-day experiences, as well as golf benefits at premier resorts, and discounts and offers at premium retailers, from jewelry to apparel and electronics – just for being a VISA® Signature Cardholder! Learn more at

VISA® Traditional Platinum

Offers our lowest variable APR and a range of credit lines to fit your needs!

  • No annual fee
  • 8.40% – 14.90% variable APR depending on creditworthiness
  • Credit lines from $500 – $30,000

Secured VISA® Platinum

Open a secured savings account with AmeriCU for $500+ to get a Secured VISA®. The credit limit on your Secured VISA® equals the balance in your Secured Savings Share (in increments of $100 up to $5,000). Features a non-variable 15.90% APR* on purchases.


AmeriCU’s Mastercard® features a non-variable 12.90% APR .

AmeriCU’s Credit Cards Include

  • Online + Mobile Account Access. With online + mobile banking you can check your balance, access transaction history, or view your available line of credit, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Balance Transfers. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1.866.820.3867 or through online banking.
  • Zero Liability. Liability to the Credit Union is zero for any card transactions resulting from the loss, theft or unauthorized use of the credit card. VISA®/Mastercard®’s zero liability does not apply to commercial card or ATM transactions or to PIN transactions not processed by VISA®/Mastercard®.
  • Dedicated Credit Card Services Hotline. AmeriCU card members receive priority service. A team of dedicated service representatives will assist you, 24 hours a day – just call 1.866.820.5799!
  • Get Cash Anytime, Anywhere. Your AmeriCU credit cards are accepted at thousands of places all over the country and around the world. Use your credit card for quick cash advances at any ATM displaying the VISA® or Mastercard® logo or any participating financial institution. See below for the schedule of information about the Annual Percentage Rate applied to cash advance balances.
  • Additional cards at no extra charge.
  • EMV Chip Card Technology. All AmeriCU Credit Cards are enhanced with EMV (Europay®, Mastercard®, VISA®) chip technology, which provides you with greater protection against fraud when you use it at chip-enabled terminals and is more convenient to use when making purchases internationally.
  • Text Message Fraud Alerts. At AmeriCU, we’re serious about protecting you from fraudulent activity on your accounts. Click here to learn more>>

Set Up for Convenient Automatic Payment!

You can authorize AmeriCU Credit Union to initiate electronic debits drawn on your AmeriCU account on the due date shown on my AmeriCU Credit Card monthly statement. This authority will remain in effect until revoked by you in writing to AmeriCU with at least 30 days notice. Each electronic debit will be the same as if it were a withdrawal drawn on your AmeriCU checking or savings account and will need to be personally signed by you.

If the funds are not available in your designated AmeriCU account or from a Line of Credit/Reserve to honor such a debit, the payment will not be made and a non-sufficient funds fee of $28.00 will be charged.

Enjoy the Ease of Auto Pay

Automatic Payment enables you to arrange for payments to your AmeriCU credit card account from your checking or savings, without the need to ever mail a check. With Auto Pay, you’ll never have to worry whether or not you remembered that monthly bill. AmeriCU will automatically deduct any one of the following payment options on your monthly due date:

  • A payment amount equal to the total balance due.
  • A designated payment amount (you choose).
  • A minimum payment of at least $25 for VISA® Signature Rewards and VISA® Traditional Platinum and at least $10 for Mastercard®. To enroll, simply mark the box on the attached application and indicate your payment preferences.

Apply Today!

If you’re already an AmeriCU member, log in to online banking and click Additional Services, and then Apply for a Loan to apply online, stop by any AmeriCU Financial Center, or call 1.800.388.2000. After you have been approved, your card should arrive in a few weeks.

Not a member? Not a problem!  If you live, work, worship, or attend school in Central or Northern NY, you’re eligible for membership in AmeriCU. Join today online, stop by any AmeriCU Financial Center, or call 1.800.388.2000.

Traveling? Let AmeriCU Know!

AmeriCU proactively safeguards your account from potential fraud by blocking certain transactions flagged by our fraud detection system, and/or placing a temporary freeze on your card, protecting your funds. While these safeguards may occasionally inconvenience you, our ultimate goal is to protect you from fraud and ensure that your accounts are safe and your transactions valid. If you plan to use your AmeriCU debit or credit card while traveling, please log in to online banking, choose “Additional Services”, click on “Travel Notifications” and fill out the form on the screen.  You may also call 1.800.388.2000 or stop by one of our Financial Centers to place your account(s) on travel status.

Lost or stolen credit card? Please contact 1.800.449.7728.

Need to dispute a charge on your AmeriCU credit card? Click here.

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Helpful Information for AmeriCU Cardholders

Lost/Stolen Reporting 1.800.449.7728

Customer Service 1.866.820.5799

Auto Rental Insurance Information 1.800.847.2911

Balance Consolidation 1.800.654.7728

CU Rewards Information 1.800.637.7728

AmeriCU Member Service Center 1.800.388.2000

PIN Now 1.888.886.0083 (to change the PIN on your credit card)

Mailing Address for Credit Card Payments

AmeriCU Credit Card Payments
P.O. Box 37603
Philadelphia, PA 19101-0603

AmeriCU Credit Card Overnight Payments

Payment Processing
560 Carillon Parkway
St. Petersburg, FL 33716

How AmeriCU Calculates Your Balance

AmeriCU uses a method called “average daily balance”; however, we exclude new purchases.  The Average Daily Balance is one of the three most common methods that credit card issuers use to calculate the amount of interest charged on a credit card balance. AmeriCU adds your balance for each day and then divides it by the number of days in the month to determine your interest. For example, let’s say that for each day from January 1st through January 15th, you make a $10 purchase. Then, on January 16th, you make a $1,000 purchase. You make no more purchases for that month. Your average daily balance would be $38.33 for the month of January. That amount is then multiplied by a constant factor (based on your Annual Percentage Rate) to determine your interest charge.

Credit Report Agreement

AmeriCU Credit Union has the right to obtain a current credit report in connection with its review of your application and subsequently in connection with any requested change to your account, the renewal of your account or a change to your credit line. Upon your request, AmeriCU will tell you the name and address of each consumer reporting agency from which we obtained a consumer report on you.