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Member Services

Manage Your Accounts

AmeriCU provides you with all the tools you need to conveniently manage your accounts from home or on the go! Most AmeriCU Accounts Feature:

  • Online & Mobile Banking
    • Smart Deposit
    • eStatements
    • Transaction Alerts
    • Fraud Alerts
    • PopMoney
    • Bank-to-Bank Transfers
    • Account Transfers
    • Balance Inquiries (for all deposits & loans)
    • Bill Pay
  • Instant Issue VISA® Debit Card
  • 24/7 Big Blue Kiosk Access
  • Apple Pay
  • Direct Deposit
  • Over 500 fee-free ATMs for members
  • Overdraft Protection & Member Privilege
  • 24/7 Member Service Center at 800.388.2000

Member Services from AmeriCU

Online + Mobile Banking

With AmeriCU’s convenient Online & Mobile banking, you can do all of your banking without ever needing to visit a Financial Center! Whether you sign into online banking on your computer or use our free apps for your smartphone or tablet, AmeriCU is wherever you are. Our eServices include:

  • Mobile Smart Deposit: Deposit a check using your smartphone – just by taking a picture!
  • eStatements: Go paperless and get all your statements online.
  • Transaction Alerts: Get customized alerts by email or text message for any transaction. We’ll notify you about – low balances, ATM withdrawals, deposits, checks clearing and more.
  • Fraud Alerts: Receive an automatic text message alert if there’s suspicious activity on your account. Then, you can immediately tell AmeriCU if the transaction is legitimate or fraudulent.
  • PopMoney: Easily send money to other people when you owe them for dinner, babysitting, movies, anything!
  • Bank-to-Bank Transfers: Enables you to move money from like-named accounts to/from other financial institutions.
  • Account Transfers: Quickly move money from share to share.
  • Balances for all Deposits & Loans: Know exactly what your balances are 24/7 at-a-glance.
  • Place your cards on Travel Status: To ensure uninterrupted use of your cards while traveling.

Get started today! Log in to or sign up for online banking.

Instant Issue Debit Card

Unlike other credit unions or banks that make you wait days or weeks for your debit card, AmeriCU gives you your Visa® Debit Card right when you open your account!

AmeriCU’s Visa® Debit Cards feature:

  • No monthly fees
  • No check charges
  • Purchase Rewards (earn cash back rewards at hundreds of merchants)
  • Access to over 500 fee-free ATMs & Big Blue Kiosks. Find a location.

Our debit cards are equipped with EMV chip technology, which means you have an extra layer of protection against fraud when you make purchases. Since it’s extremely difficult for our card to be copied or counterfeited, you can rest easy knowing your data is encrypted at chip-enabled registers.

Learn more about checking at AmeriCU.

Big Blue Kiosks - available 24/7

Big Blue allows you to do almost any transaction that can be done at the Teller Line (with some limitations) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any of our Financial Centers. Big Blue is like an ATM – but much, much more!

  • Use your VISA® Debit Card or enjoy convenient cardless access!
  • Deposit to any of your accounts
  • Transfer within your account
  • Access your loans & make payments
  • Print Official Checks
  • See your account history
  • Stop Payments
  • Print a mini-statement
  • Change your address

Visit your local AmeriCU location to try Big Blue today! Find a location.

Apple Pay

Use your personal AmeriCU Visa® credit and debit cards to pay with Apple Pay – an easy, secure, and private way to pay! Make payments and set up your digital wallet from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac.

Learn more about Apple Pay.

Direct Deposit

No need to make a special trip to AmeriCU just to deposit your payroll check. Set up direct deposit and have your paycheck, pension, social security, or any other recurring deposits sent right to your checking or savings account — automatically.

Learn more about direct deposit and get started today!

Access to over 500 Fee-Free ATMs (for Members)

AmeriCU has an extensive network of fee-free ATMs throughout Central and Northern New York for our members including all AmeriCU Financial Centers and many Stewart’s Shops, Cliff’s Local Market & Byrne Dairy locations.
A full list of our fee-free ATMs is available in our ATM Finder.

Find the AmeriCU ATM closest to you!

Overdraft Protection and Member Privilege*

We understand that sometimes you need protection on your account. AmeriCU offers Standard Overdraft Protection and our Member Privilege program for those times when you need a bit of temporary assistance.

Standard Overdraft Protection

Funds can be transferred from an AmeriCU account or line of credit you’ve designated to pay for an item. Standard Overdraft Protection will transfer funds for share drafts, ACH Transactions, ATM Withdrawals and Debit Card Transactions. This service is free for up to 3 transfers per month. After 3 transfers there is a fee.

Member Privilege

Our Member Privilege program is a special overdraft service that AmeriCU offers to our members with checking accounts. Member Privilege Overdraft Protection covers share drafts and ACH Transactions. You can also opt-in to cover Debit Card transactions and ATM Withdrawals. After your account has been open for 30 days and is in good standing, we may approve overdraft items within your current available Member Privilege limit as a non-contractual courtesy. There is a fee for this service (which is far less than you would pay for most merchant fees).

If you have both Standard Overdraft and Member Privilege established on an account, AmeriCU will use Standard Overdraft before initiating the Member Privilege Program.

Learn more about Member Privilege.

*Please note that for coverage on ATM and one-time debit card transactions, we are required by regulation to have you opt in for this portion of the program to be covered for these transactions. Coverage for ACH, checks and recurring debit card transactions is automatically added to eligible accounts.

View Member Privilege Disclosures

Member Privilege is a non-contractual courtesy which is available to individually/jointly owned accounts in good standing for personal or household use. AmeriCU Credit Union reserves the right to limit participation to one account per household and to discontinue this service without prior notice. AmeriCU Credit Union reserves the right not to pay if your account is not kept in good standing.