Fraud Alerts

Accelerated. Automated.

Your Best Defense Against Fraud.

At AmeriCU Credit Union, we’re serious about protecting you from fraudulent activity on your accounts. That’s why we’ve strengthened our defenses with a new, automated system that can identify threats faster, notify you sooner, and equip you with the tools you need to take IMMEDIATE action against fraud. Our new system allows you to receive an automated call that easily walks you through reviewing suspicious activity on your card. You may also sign-up to receive Automated Fraud Alerts text messages on your mobile phone.

Our new automated system includes:

IMMEDIATE alerts. When suspicious activity has been detected on your account, we don’t wait for an agent to dial your number – our automated system will contact you by text or phone.
2-Way Communication. You can take action the second you receive your alert – by texting the provided command word, or interacting with the automated system on the phone by simply by following the instructions to answer questions regarding your recent card activity.
Real-time Support. Our live agents are ready to assist you at any time to ensure you receive the best defense exactly when you need it.

Don’t delay – sign up today to receive the full benefit of this powerful new automated fraud prevention system.

To Register for Text Message Fraud Alerts

To register your AmeriCU Debit or Credit Card
1.  Log into Online Banking
2. Choose “Alerts”
3. Click on “Debit/Credit Card Fraud Alerts”
4. Follow the instructions on the screen

Need more help? Click here for answers to frequently asked questions>>

Members should be aware that, while AmeriCU Credit Union does monitor fraudulent or suspicious account activity and may proactively contact a member about this activity, we will never call and ask for confidential information such as your entire account number or PIN. Contact our Member Service Center at 1.800.388.2000 if you have any questions about your account or the validity of a call or text message you have received.