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Savings Solutions

AmeriCU & Your Best Interest

“Saving money? In *this* economy?

Disposable income is hard to come by these days, we get that. That’s why AmeriCU offers several low-risk, high-yield options for the dollars you can stow away into your savings. There are several ways we can help you grow the savings you do have, with options for the savviest of investors or for those of us who just can’t seem to save no matter how hard we try!

Don’t sweat it. Seriously, that’s why AmeriCU is here. We’ll help you diversify your funds so you can earn more on your savings; with competitive rates, easy online account opening, and personal service and assistance from people like me who just seem to get it.

Plus, all AmeriCU savings solutions come with free, one-on-one financial counseling to keep you in good financial shape the whole year through. So, whether you’re saving for the future, a rainy day, a weekend getaway, or you just want to form better savings habits, you’ve come to the right place – let’s connect!”

-Travis Knight, Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor, Armory Square

Saving Solutions

Dedicated Saver

Dedicated Saver

Got short-term savings goals? AmeriCU can help! Whether you’re saving for holiday gifts, the wedding of your dreams, or an even dreamier vacation, let’s connect you with a flexible savings vehicle dedicated to one goal and one goal only. Just $50 dollars gets you started on your savings journey, and when you set up automatic contributions you’ll be surprised how much a little can add up over time.

Open a Dedicated Saver

Share Certificates

Share Certificates

AmeriCU’s share certificates are some of our highest yield deposit options. You’ll enjoy great rates, a wide variety of terms, and the freedom of investment flexibility. With a fixed term and interest rate, a certificate can be issued in any dollar amount above the minimum deposit required. Access to your funds will be restricted until you reach your certificate’s maturity date.

6-Month Share Certificate – 4.50% APY*

18-Month Share Certificate Special – 4.00% APY**

Click here to view our current share certificate rates.

Open a Share Certificate.

Money Markets

Money Markets

High earning potential and greater flexibility make Money Markets a great, low-risk choice for building savings. It’s like a Share Certificate except you can keep making deposits into the account, so as the balance increases, so does the interest rate, earning you more on your savings over time.

Open a Money Market.

Retirement Savings Account (IRA)

Retirement Savings Account (IRA)

Enjoy a variety of investment options to meet long, medium, or short-term retirement needs with an Retirement Savings Account, more commonly known as an Individual Retirement Arrangement, or IRA. AmeriCU offers both Traditional and Roth IRAs as well as Coverdell Education Savings Accounts.

Open a Retirement Savings Account (IRA).

Want to walk through all your money-saving options? Let’s connect! You can use the Live Chat feature below, Make an Appointment, or stop in to any AmeriCU location to learn more.

Financial Courses and Counseling

Let’s connect you with a variety of different course options related to debt management and beyond! Interested in getting a real look at your own finances? AmeriCU has Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor available at every AmeriCU location, in-person or virtually!

There’s so much more too! Interested in seeing all the financial wellness courses we have to offer? Visit our AmeriCU Financial Wellness Center now.

*Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) current as of 05/08/23 and are subject to change without notice. Minimum balance of $1,000 required. Withdrawals of principal are subject to early withdrawal penalties. The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield are fixed and will be in effect for the initial term of the account. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Membership eligibility is required. Insured by NCUA.  **At the end of term this will auto-renew to a 12-month share certificate at the prevailing rate.